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Farrah Rogue - Awakening EP2 Proposal Video
The budget that I've put together for episode 2 is one that focuses more on artist help to create a great short film. Episode 1 was 95% done by myself, it was a great experience and I learned so much about the production of an animation. Unfortunately the big issue, episode 1 suffered from me being to deep into the work that I couldn't stand back and see how the project was coming together. This time I need more of a Directors role and delegate work. But I will still be working hard because that's just who I am. I really just want to make a short that is so awesome that people will love and be inspired by my work.
Unreal Engine- Farrah Scorpion Hold
Farrah Rogue - Awakening EP1
Farrah Rogue - Awakening EP2 ANIMATIC WIP
Production Schedule
20 week production

A summary estimation for the production of episode 2 of Farrah Rogue -
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